Role of the local Emergency Management Agency

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The average person thinks of emergency management in terms of dealing with inclement weather conditions (natural hazards). Though hazardous weather is the most common hazard that we deal with, emergency management also embraces the coordination of effort pertaining to human-caused or technological emergencies such as hazardous materials spills, major transportation accidents, large fires, and public health emergencies. Local emergency management programs are charged with developing and coordinating a comprehensive, all-hazards emergency management organization. The local emergency management agency is the coordination focal point in preparing for, mitigating against, responding to and recovering from major emergencies and disasters which are managed at the local level.

The development of a comprehensive emergency management organization is a cooperative effort with all local stakeholder agencies and organizations in the county to include; municipal and county government agencies and departments; volunteer, non-profit and faith-based organizations; the private sector and our citizens.

If you have any questions about the Elmore County Emergency Management Agency or information on being better prepared for an emergency situation, check out our website at


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