Kevin Boone, Assistant County Engineer Recognized for Service to Elmore County


Kevin Boone, Assistant County Engineer for Elmore County, recently accepted a similar position in Montgomery County. The Elmore County Engineer recognized Kevin at the department’s annual Memorial Day Luncheon for his 14 years of service with the County. Kevin played a key role in the development and delivery of $73.5 Million in road and bridge projects over his time with Elmore County.

During Kevin’s 14 years with the Elmore County, over 600 miles of county roads have been improved, the majority being improvements to our 800 miles of paved roads. He has assisted in the replacement of 10 bridges and 4 intersection projects. His participation in project development allowed the county to leverage $8 Million in local funds to secure and match $55.5 million in additional state and federal grants.

Elmore County wishes Kevin Boone the best in his new position and his pursuit to achieve the position of County Engineer.