County Highway Dept. met with ALDOT about large highway projects

The Elmore County Commission, through its Highway Department, is actively working to advance three large highway projects to completion. These projects involve federal funding leveraged with county funds to accomplish the needed improvements.

Recently, the Elmore County Highway Department conducted a plan review with the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) to ensure that the project plans are in accordance with federal and state standards. This important benchmark will allow the county to be able to proceed onto the next critical steps of right of way acquisition and utility relocation that is needed to accomplish these three improvement projects.

The three improvement projects along Redland Road include the replacement of the bridge between US 231 and Rifle Range  Road, safety improvements at the intersection of Rifle Range Rd. and the installation of a roundabout at Redland Road and Firetower/ Dozier Road.

These three projects have been in the works for several years. Each project is very important to one of the fastest growing areas in Elmore County. Recent emergency repairs to the bridge on Redland Road has helped punctuate the the importance of advancing these projects expeditiously.

The Elmore County Highway Department continues to monitor the emergency bridge repairs daily to determine if any type of maintenance work is needed to ensure safe and efficient travel on Redland Rd.

Any questions related to any of the three improvement projects or any road and bridge issue can contact the Elmore County Engineer at or 334-567-1162.