Hurricane Irma Statement from the Elmore County Commission 

Sunday, Sept 10, 2017, 12 pm CST. 

The Elmore County Commission urges citizens to continue preparations for the impending effects of Hurricane Irma. Elmore County personnel have been monitoring the storm and coordinating potential response and recovery efforts since mid week. As Irma’s track has shifted further to the west, the impact to our county and the river region has increased. 

Our county is forecasted to see 20-40 mph sustained winds with gusts reaching up to 60 mph beginning early Monday morning into Tuesday morning. An estimated 2-4 inches of rain is expected during the duration of this event. Downed trees and power lines will be the major expected impacts throughout the county. 

Resources have been prepositioned throughout the county to aid in rapid response and recovery. Volunteer fire departments, public utilities and volunteer agencies along with the county departments are implementing emergency response protocols in preparation of the potential impacts.

The Elmore County Commission urges citizens to keep updated to county specific impacts through our County EMA webpage ( along with our twitter feeds ( @ElmoreCoEMA2 and @ElmoreComm).

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