Pavement Preservation Technique: Fog Seal


The Elmore County Highway Department has been proactive in seeking out pavement preservation techniques that can effectively extend the life of our paved roads while stretching the tax dollars that have been entrusted to the County Commission to be managed.

One of these techniques is a fog seal. This week three roads had a fog seal applied by county forces. Castaway Island Rd, Pecan Grove Rd and one of the westbound lanes of Cobb’s Ford Rd were treated with an emulsified liquid asphalt. These roads have varying traffic volumes and will serve as test sites to determine the best uses for this tool on our roads.

At a cost of less than $0.20 per square yard, fog seals are markedly less expensive that other techniques that range from $2-$8 per square yard. Monitoring of the performance of these fog seals will help determine how the county utilizes this tool to extend the life of our paved roads and maximize the return of our citizens tax dollars.
Any questions related to fog seals or other preservation techniques being utilized by Elmore County should be referred to the Elmore County Engineer, Richie Beyer, at or at 334-567-1162.