County Commission Partners with HOAs

BW2 DF Sign 2017

Elmore County’s continual population growth brings opportunities and challenges. One of the challenges is how to deal with increased traffic volumes and the ever present problem of speeding, a top causes of fatalities on roadways in Elmore County and Alabama.

The Elmore County Commission through its Highway Department has recently partnered with two different home owner associations (HOAs) in an effort to bring more awareness to the problem of speeding. Working together, the County and the HOAs have jointly purchased eight (8) driver feedback signs. These signs have been installed strategically on main corridors in the two subdivisions represented by the HOAs.

The feedback signs possess a standard speed limit sign along with a digital radar enabled sign attached on the same post. These signs provide drivers instant feedback on their speed versus the posted speed limit. In the event a driver’s speed exceeds the posted speed limit, the digital readout flashes instantly alerting the driver. For situations where a driver severely violates the posted speed limit, the driver will see a strobe flash with the flashing digital readout.

The driver feedback signs not only display the driver’s speed, but it can also record traffic data. This data can be used to help law enforcement determine peak times for targeted enforcement. Through the recording of the data, early indications show that the signs are effectively assisting in calming traffic in these areas.

The County Commission welcomes opportunities to partner with our communities and develop solutions that provide benefit to the citizens of our county. Should you have any questions about this partnership or wish to discuss other challenges/opportunities, please feel free to contact Richie Beyer, Chief Engineer and Operations Officer at or 334-398-3325.

Video Clip of Driver Feedback Sign 2017