Elmore County Issues Resumption of Travel Statement

Elmore County – The Elmore County Emergency Management Agency (EMA), in coordination with the Elmore County Highway Department, has issued the following statement for all of Elmore County:

RESUMPTION OF TRAVEL STATEMENT:  Effective 2:00 p.m., January 18, 2018 conditions have improved and the previous IMPASSABLE TRAVEL ADVISORY for the county-maintained Elmore County roads and bridges, has been lifted. Because officials cannot guarantee the conditions everywhere, drivers are reminded to use caution while traveling. Numerous hazardous travel conditions remain in the eastern portion of the County (east of the Coosa River).

This afternoon Elmore County Highway Department personnel will continue working to clear up issues on the roadways where hazardous travel conditions still exists. There will be numerous locations that travel on roads and bridges may remain slick due the lingering effects of the wintry precipitation, especially during the overnight hours where temperatures will fall back below freezing. During the overnight hours it is likely that water that has ponded on or is draining across roadways will freeze creating occasional icy patches. Please continue to use extreme caution while driving during this next 24 hours.

If you have any questions regarding the above RESUMPTION OF TRAVEL STATEMENT you may contact the Elmore County Emergency Management Agency (EOC) at 334-567-6451.

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