Elmore County Commission Focusing Resources on 2020 LUCA


Elmore County is currently wrapping up the 2020 Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA).  The update will aid in ensuring any address that has been added since the 2010 Census is current allowing all citizens to receive the census survey.  Below are some numbers related to Elmore County’s data review:

-Approximately 1,980 census blocks are being reviewed;

-Approximately 420 hours have been dedicated to the review of GIS/ address data;

-Approximately 70,000 addresses will be cross-checked in order for changes to be made or addresses to be added upon completion of the data review.

Once address updates are completed, the materials will be submitted to the US Census Bureau for further review.  The Elmore County Commission has placed an emphasis on the LUCA process to ensure all our residents are properly accounted for so when the Census surveys go out everyone has the opportunity to be counted. With so many federal and state programs dependent on population counts, the Census is the most important way for our residents to have a voice in solidifying Elmore County receives the maximum return of federal tax dollars to our county to help fund critical public safety, education and infrastructure services/ needs.

Anyone with questions about the LUCA process or the US Census in general, may contact Heather Moe at 514-5841 or hmechd@elmoreco.org.