Counterfeits Can Be Dangerous. Get Informed.

National Crime Prevention Month – Week 2

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Counterfeit power accessories including batteries, chargers, battery grips, and even external flashes can be dangerous. They may overheat, smoke, melt, or ignite and could cause bodily injury or property damage. These tips will help keep you—and your camera—safe.

Top tips to help avoid counterfeits: Beware of “too good to be true” prices – Be careful when buying through foreign websites – Purchase from authorized dealers or directly from the manufacturer

Red flags to look for:  Check to make sure your battery fits easily in your device – Check for overheating – Make sure your battery holds a charge – Compare logos for consistency –  Look for a security label such as a genuine hologram which changes when tilted back and forth, as can be found on Canon replacement batteries, toner, single ink tanks, and on the base of select batteries

Sure-fire Way to Protect Yourself: When in doubt, let the manufacturer check it out! Don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer with questions or inquiries. Many resources are available at our website, to help you combat this insidious crime. For more information, go to