Elmore County Working on Local Road Safety Plan


The Elmore County Highway Department hosted a Local Stakeholder meeting this week to discuss the final stages of the Elmore County Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP). Local law enforcement, municipalities, board of education, ALDOT and County Highway Department personnel met to provide input and insight into the development of this plan. The group was presented data that been collected and screened over the past nine months. The group discussed potential strategies to include in the plan that will help ensure the safety of the traveling public. Some of the strategies discussed were engineering measures, education of the public and young drivers, and enforcement of traffic laws. The County working with ALDOT and their consultant strive to have the plan completed after the first of the new calendar year. Once the LRSP is complete, the plan will identify transportation safety goals and objectives, performance measures, and provide a plan for road safety audits to identify countermeasures.

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