Commission Discusses Rebuild Alabama Details with Local Stakeholders


Tuesday, July 9th, the Elmore County Commission hosted the mayors of our eight municipal governments along with representatives from the Elmore County Board of Education and the Elmore County Economic Development Authority. One of the two main discussion points in the meeting was the Rebuild Alabama Act and its impending impacts on the county. Commissioners and staff shared information with the participants on details related to the county’s plans to implement the provisions of the Rebuild Alabama Act, estimates of revenue that each jurisdiction can anticipate once the Rebuild Alabama levies are in place, and strategies to partner to maximize the effective use of the Rebuild Alabama funds.  Senator Chambliss was on hand for the meeting to share his insight into the passage and implementation of the Rebuild Alabama Act.


The Elmore County Commission, along with all local governments in Alabama, are required to have their first transportation plan adopted no later than August 31st in anticipation of the new revenues arriving January 2020 and being available to be expended in FY 2020.