Now Introducing…Elmore County’s Anti-Litter Critters

On Monday, the Elmore County Commission introduced Elmore County’s newest voices for helping keep our natural resource rich county beautiful. Elmore County’s Anti-Litter Critters are here to remind our citizenry of the opportunities to properly dispose of trash and litter along with advocating participation in cleaning up the areas of our county prone to illegal dumping.

Over the next several months, Elmore County’s Anti-Litter Critters will make their way into our local schools and be present along our roadsides to help get the message of cleaning up our county out to the masses, young and old. An idea first hatched by area residents of the Redland community, the Elmore County Commission embraces the fresh approach of an anti litter campaign that is centered around one of our county’s greatest attributes, our natural resources. Look for Elmore County’s Anti-Litter Critters in your area of the county soon along with following their efforts on the County Commission social media feeds.

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