County/ City Collection Facility Reopens Tomorrow

The County/ City Collection facility will reopen to the public tomorrow, Saturday, April 11th.  Just a reminder about the rules for the collection facility:

With the great interest in the County/ City Collection Facility, the Elmore County Commission would like to clarify rules for use of the collection facility. These rules are in place in order for residents (who are currently paying residential curbside customers) to retain access to this free service.  Individuals not adhering to these rules will be subject to prosecution.

  1. The collection facility is not intended for contractors as the facility is designed for residents to dispose of items larger in size or quantity than their normal residential containers can accommodate.  All demolition materials and woody debris must not be longer than four feet long;
  2. The site is not to be used for household garbage.  Anyone disposing of household garbage at this facility will be prosecuted for illegal dumping;
  3. Items that will not be accepted include appliances, batteries, paints or thinners, oils and gases;
  4. Any items that are not considered trash (e.g. clothing, unwanted/ gently used items, gently used furniture) should be donated to a local donation center. Local donation centers in this area are the Elmore County Humane Shelter Thrift Store, the Adullam House Thrift Store, and Goodwill;
  5. Citizens will have opportunities to dispose of items that can be recycled. Cardboard, paper, aluminum and plastics will be the recyclable materials being segregated.  All cardboard boxes must be flattened before being placed in the roll-off containers and/ or bin as this saves on space. Separate areas for metals, mattresses, tires and woody debris/ yard waste as well as construction type materials (lumber, etc) are designated by signage. Please keep in mind these type items should be less than 4 feet in length;
  6. Please pay attention to the signage at the facility.  Signs are placed to show where specific items are to be disposed.

Anyone with specific questions about the collection facility or need clarification, can send questions to

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