Quality of Life/ Economic Development Project Takes Shape

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At the June 22nd County Commission meeting and June 23rd City Council meeting, the Elmore County Commission and City of Millbrook approved the joint purchase of 60.5 acres of property located along the Alabama Highway 14 corridor. The joint land purchase involves two transactions which will serve as building blocks to stimulate economic development opportunities and improve the quality of life to many throughout Elmore County.

The investment by the two local governments comes after over eighteen months of study and review in partnership with the Elmore County Economic Development Authority (ECEDA), Greater Montgomery YMCA and the Elmore County Board of Education. The study focused on the community and regional needs for quality of life improvements and produced a master plan concept. A press conference is being planned for mid-July to provide more details once the land acquisitions are finalized.

Working with two local landowners, the Stephens and Laney families, the City/ County investment in the properties will set the stage for increased quality of life opportunities while creating multiple economic development opportunities.

“We appreciate the willingness of the Laney and Stephens families to work with both local government bodies to set the stage for great investment opportunities for our community and county” stated Mayor Al Kelley.

County Commissioner Bart Mercer echoed those thoughts. “After showing the Laneys and Stephens the overall vision for their properties, their willingness to work with the city and county has been tremendous. They see the potential improvements along the Alabama 14 corridor could generate for our community.”

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