County/ City Collection Facility Suspends Recycling Program for Foreseeable Future

While the Elmore County Commission and City of Wetumpka have explored recycling options for the Elmore County/ City of Wetumpka Collection facility, neither partner foresees the recycling resuming in the near future due to the financial feasibility of the program. Since COVID-19, the recycling industry has suffered in a number of ways.

  1. China is no longer accepting import of recyclable goods;
  2. The market for recyclables lacks economic stability and sustainability;
  3. The restrictions from COVID-19 has eliminated inmate labor as an option for local governments.

The city and county will continue to explore avenues and opportunities to resume recycling, but no timetable has been established to resume operations.

The Elmore County/ City of Wetumpka Collection Facility will remain open during hours of operation (Tuesday and Thursday from 7am – 3pm and Saturdays from 7am – 12pm) for disposal options. Visit for more information about the Collection Facility or email should you have any questions.

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