County Anti-Litter Critters Named by ECBOE Students

Photo for blog postIn February, the Elmore County Commission launched its new Anti-Litter campaign.  This campaign was intended to remind our citizens how to properly dispose of trash and litter as well as advocating participation in cleaning the areas of the county prone to illegal dumping. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the campaign was put on hold.

In October, the County Commission reached out to the Elmore County Board of Education’s elementary aged students (K-4) for help to name these critters.  Last night, representatives from six of the elementary/ intermediate schools came to the county commission meeting to reveal the names of the critters.

  • Airport Intermediate School named the doe, Ms. Litter Quitter.
  • Coosada Elementary School named the buck, Bucky.
  • Eclectic Elementary School named the raccoon, Rascal.
  • Holtville Elementary School named the skunk, Flower the Trash Devour.
  • Redland Elementary School named the fox, Foxy Loxy.
  • Wetumpka Elementray School named the owl, Dr. Owl B. Clean.

Now that the critters have made their debut, you can expect to see them on the roadsides reminding everyone not to litter. Thank you to the students and staff of the Elmore County Board of Education for assisting the Commission in this effort.

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