County Completes First Year of Rebuild Alabama Projects and Reporting Process



During the first meeting of 2021, the County Commission approved their first ever Elmore County’s Rebuild Alabama Annual Report. During the FY2020 cycle, Elmore County completed 25.71 miles of road improvement projects totaling $777,572.57 with Rebuild Alabama funds.  The County also worked jointly on road improvements including rehabilitation/ stablization, microsurfacing, and traffic striping on 1.8 miles of projects with the Town of Deatsville, Town of Coosada, Town of Elmore, and the City of Millbrook.  The FY2020 Rebuild Alabama cycle included the receipt of proceeds from the first 6 cents of fuel tax generated through the Rebuild Alabama legislation. When fully implemented in 2022, the 10-cent fuel tax will add to this revenue for additional funds for road and bridge projects.

Details of Elmore County’s Rebuild Alabama projects, including the FY2020 County Transportation Annual Report and the upcoming FY2021 County Transportation Plan, can be found here.