Elmore County EMA Partners with Baron Critical Weather Institute Alabama Weathernet


Elmore County EMA is proud to announce a partnership with Baron Critical Weather Institute in Huntsville, AL, and joining the Alabama Weathernet system.  This is a statewide effort by Baron Critical Weather Institute to provide a “High Density, Real-time Meso Network” throughout Alabama.  Elmore County EMA now has a weather reporting system and HD camera mounted on a tower outside the Emergency Operations Center in Wetumpka.  This system provides updated weather information and HD images every 10 seconds.  The long term goal will be to have these same systems throughout Elmore County to provide accurate weather information to the citizens and to the Institute.  A link to the Alabama Weathernet map can be found on the Elmore County EMA app, or at this link: www.almeso.ddns.net.

The Baron Institute Alabama Weathernet is also available free to your phone as an added feature on the Alabama Safety Net app in the app store. For more information about Baron Critical Weather Institute and the Alabama Weathernet, please visit www.baroninstitute.com.

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