County Receives Award During PALS Award Ceremony


During the People Against a Littered State (PALS) 2021 Governor’s Award Program on November 17, 2021, the County Commission recieved the Don Hines Memorial Award for their Anti-Litter Critter campaign.  The idea of the anti-litter critters came from a citizen in the Redland community and the Commission decided to jump on board with this endeavor.  “Elmore County’s Anti-Litter Critter” campaign started in early 2020 as an attempt to raise awareness of littering while changing the mind set of people regarding the behavior issue of littering. To engage our shcool age citizens, the County Commission reached out to the Elmore County Board of Education students (grades K-4) for help in naming the critters.  The critters then began showing up on the county road right-of-ways and at the local schools.

The County Commission wants to thank everyone involved in making “Elmore County’s Anti-Litter Critter” campaign a huge success and for all volunteers helping keep our road sides clean.