Debris Disposal Related to Tuesday’s Storm

The Elmore County Public Works Department crews will continue operations over the coming days at Harrogate Springs Road and Jasmine Hill Road to clear storm debris from the county right-of-way created during Tuesday’s tornado event.

Residents impacted by the storm in this area specifically will be permitted to place woody storm debris from their personal property on the right-of-way in four (4) feet or smaller lengths for county crews to remove.  Once a crew completes the clean up effort pass in front of a residence, residents will be responsible for the disposal of any remaining debris.  Woody debris can be taken to the City/ County Collection Facility located adjacent to the Wetumpka Street Department at 110 Red Eagle Drive, Wetumpka.  The woody debris should be taken in four (4) feet or smaller lengths.

For hours of operation and additional information about the collection facility, please visit the county’s website here.

Contractors and contract work does not qualify for this removal by the county. Also, contractors are not allowed use of the Collection facility. Anyone with additional questions may call 334-567-1162 or email

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