Information Regarding Unwanted WM Curbside Trash Containers


As of Monday July 11, 2022, many Elmore County residents still possess a Waste Management (WM) and/ or Advanced Disposal curbside trash container. Despite the efforts of the County Commission and county staff to identify areas where containers still exist, Waste Management has provided no comprehensive plan to complete collection of the remaining cans. With WM indicating the company had collected over 20,000 containers by the end of June 2022, the efforts to recover containers appears to be complete from their viewpoint.

To provide citizens an alternative plan, the County Commission will begin accepting unwanted curbside trash containers at the City/ County Collection facility during normal operating hours on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday ( Containers accepted will be recycled and utilized for public purposes throughout the county.

Anyone who is elderly and/ or has a disability that would prevent the disposal of the unwanted curbside container in person at the collection facility may send an email to to be placed on a list for potential removal in the future. There are no guarantees on timing for this as the county will work to best utilize resources to collect these containers when possible. The county will begin tracking these requests as of July 12, 2022, so previous notices of a container remaining curbside should be resent to the above email address. Should a resident as described above not have access to email, please contact 334-514-5841 to provide your detailed info to our staff members. At this time, there is no plan for the county to collect all the remaining cans at a citizen’s curbside.

As a reminder, no trash should be placed in these old WM/ Advanced containers with the expectation of removal/ servicing by the current County provider. This statement also applies to old WM/ Advanced containers in the municipal limits of Deatsville, Eclectic, Elmore and Wetumpka.