Severe Weather Response Update: County Forces Working to Complete Damage Assessments and Debris Placement Guidelines on County Right-of-Ways

Initial damage assessments are being conducted currently to gauge the full impacts of the tornado that and the associated severe weather experienced by Elmore County and our neighboring counties. Varying levels of damage have already been observed including several totally destroyed homes.

Elmore County’s Emergency Managament Agency (EMA) is working with various VOAD groups to help assist affected residents to remove debris and meet other needs.

The Elmore County Commission wants to thank all first responders, public works department, fire departments, utility workers and volunteers for their efforts during the tornado/ severe weather event yesterday.

The County Commission asks for all citizens affected by the severe weather on January 12th to please follow the below guidelines when placing debris on the county right-of-ways. Once the intial assessment of the storm damage is complete, county forces will begin removing debris that is placed on its right-of-ways.  Woody debris needs to be cut in 4 ft lengths to ensure it can be loaded properly. Please refer to the below guidance should affected areas have more than woody debris.

Only residents performing their own work or work performed by volunteer groups qualifies for this opportunity. Insurance funded cleanup and work by contractors should account for the disposal of their own debris and are NOT eligible for placement of debris on the county ROW.

FEMA Debris Removal Guidelines.jpeg

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