Donation Drop Off Location Established in Elmore County to Assist Autauga, Coosa and Elmore Counties

A Donation Dropoff Location has been established in Elmore County to provide aid to those in need due to the tornado and severe weather events of January 3rd through the 13th in Autauga, Coosa, and Elmore Counties. Phoenix Wetumpka Industrial Investors have made around 200,000 SF of their warehouse space located at 3145 Elmore Rd., Wetumpka, AL, available for donation drop off and storage.

“Elmore County is thankful for the donated space  Phoenix Wetumpka Industrial Investors is providing. We appreciate their community support as we partner to meet the needs of our citizens and those in Autauga and Coosa counties affected by the events of the last week and a half,” stated Elmore County Commission Chairman Bart Mercer.

The Donation Dropoff Location will begin receiving donations Monday, January 16th and be in operation for the next several weeks. Individuals wishing to provide donations should enter the facility at the gates guard house and indicate they are dropping off donations for the tornado victims. Should a donation be in a large quantity, please call 804-305-6471 to schedule your donation so appropriate volunteer resources are in place to accept the donation. Operating hours for the donation drop off location is Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm. Questions related to the donation dropoff location should contact 804-305-6471.

Any item donated should be in NEW packaging when possible. We will NOT accept the following:  


Used clothing

Used beds or bedding

Expired food


Used appliances

Used furniture

Items to donate include:

Socks of all sizes

T-shirts of all sizes

Underwear all sizes male and female

Towels and washcloths

Sheets and blankets

Pillows and pillowcases

Hairbrushes and combs

Feminine hygiene items

Bar soap

Shower gel


Disposable razors

Shaving crème


Shampoo and conditioner

Baby Diapers all sizes

Baby wipes

Lysol spray

Household cleaning supplies

Trash bags all sizes

First aid kits

Batteries all sizes

Work gloves all sizes

Baggies all sizes

Brooms, mops, dustpans



Washing detergent or pods

Fabric softener sheets

Dish liquid

Dishwasher pods

Over the counter meds (not expired): Neosporin, band aids, Tylenol, Advil, aspirin,etc.


Paper plates

Styrofoam or plastic disposable cups

Plasticware (forks, knives, spoons)

Paper towels

Toilet paper

Non-Perishable food (not expired):

Crackers (all kinds)

Boxed macaroni and cheese

Peanut butter


Dry beans


Canned vegetables, fruits, and soups

Spaghetti sauce in jar or can


Salt and pepper



Dry creamer

Tea bags

Cookies (no chocolate)

Pop tarts

Granola bars

Gatorade all flavors

Bottled water

Points of  distribution in the Lightwood and Titus communities of Elmore County are being finalized to serve as donation pickup locations for affected residents of Autauga, Coosa and Elmore Counties. Those locations and operating hours will be announced soon.

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