January 12th Tornado Cleanup Begins Final Pass

Tornado cleanup efforts throughout Elmore County have been progressing since last month’s tornado event on January 12th. The County Commission activated a debris removal contractor to assist with the cleanup due to the county being repetitively hit with successive tornados since late November. The contractor has focused on the heavily impacted areas in the Lightwood and Titus communities. The contractor is required to make two passes through each area to ensure all eligible debris on the county right-of-way is removed.

As of Sunday, February 26th, the contractor has completed their first pass in the Titus community. The contractor will now return to the Lightwood area to start their final pass there. The contractor should return to the Titus community on or after Monday, March 6th to complete the final pass.

Please contact the Elmore County Public Works Department at roads@elmoreco.org or at 334-567-1162 during normal business hours with any storm debris questions.

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