As FY 2023 Rebuild Alabama Projects are Underway, Commission Approves FY 2024 County Transportation Plan

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As FY 2023 Rebuild Alabama projects are being constructed, the County Commission approved the FY 2024 Rebuild Alabama County Transportation Plan (CTP) during the June 26, 2023 Commission Meeting.

Road projects included in the approved FY 2024 CTP are: Bond Road, Chase Drive, Colley Camp Road, Coosa River Road, Gossum Pass Road, Gunnells Road, Hummingbird Lane, Indian Campground Road, Joe’s Fishcamp Road, Kowaliga Marina Road, River Forks Road, Thrasher Road, Whatley Drive, Yates Dam Road, and Old Salem Road along with some bridge piling rehab work on bridges on Chalk Hill Road, Friendship Road, Oak Valley Road, and Rifle Range Road.

See the spreadsheet below for more detailed information about Elmore County’s FY 2024 CTP. Additional information can also be found on the county’s website here.

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