Planning for Quality of Life Phase II Projects is Underway


Recently the Elmore County Commission and Elmore County Economic Development Authority (ECEDA) held meetings in the communities of Tallassee, Eclectic, and Holtville to discuss Quality of Life Phase II projects.  During the meetings, County Commissioners, ECEDA, and a design consultant, Dalhoff Thomas Design Studio, met with community leaders, elected officials, education leaders and staff to gather information about current facilities, the need for upgrades to existing facilities, and additional amenities the community has asked to be delivered.

In the next few weeks, ECEDA’s website will host a survey for each community on their website to seek input as the Elmore County Commission, the Elmore County Board of Education, Tallassee City Schools, City of Tallassee and Town of Eclectic evaluate needs in these communities. Input gathered through the survey will be enable the partnership to finalize potential projects in these communities.